Pair Dental (FKA Synergy Specialists)

Pair Dental (FKA Synergy Specialists)

Pair Dental (FKA Synergy Specialists)

Why it works: Pair Dental's platform creates efficiencies, access, and convenience to free specialists to connect with immediate work opportunities. Our specialists travel to the GP’s office to perform specialty services as needed, so the GP can keep production dollars in-house. Our specialists produce an estimated range of $6,000 to $20,000 per treatment day without any of the overhead or management burden of a private practice.  
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Business Summary: Pair Dental is a healthcare tech platform that matches underutilized dental specialists, who have free clinical days, with GP practices interested in bringing specialty services in-house.

Services: Matching; Credentialing; Specialty Billing, Medical Billing, and Revenue Cycle Management; Supplies Consultations; Travel Concierge; Practice Team Training; Fee Analysis & Fee Negotiation.

Customer Problem: The traditional career model for specialists is outdated. Specialists graduate with massive debt and limited career opportunities. For dental practices, the market has become more competitive due to the rise of DSOs and the cost of business operations.

How Pair gets paid: Unlike traditional recruiters, we charge no recruitment fees to the practice owner. We charge the specialist per treatment day performed upon payment. This lends itself to creating more opportunities and supports the specialist’s career since they are earning more.

Mission & Vision: Our mission is to support specialist careers and help GP practice owners increase profits. Our vision is to create an ecosystem that connects dental stakeholders efficiently.

How Pair Dental supports the dental industry: Becoming a dentist and practicing dentistry has become an expensive and burdensome endeavor. These days it feels like the only people making money are the DSOs and really established practices. Pair Dental is trying to make a profitable career accessible to anyone, especially independent practice owners and those who want a balanced lifestyle.

How to get started: If you would like to get started with a free search for a match, please sign up by filling out a profile application here. We also reward your referrals from colleagues and customers. We look forward to supporting your career.

Application for Specialists:

Co-founder Darius Somekhian was in the trenches selling dental supplies as a territory rep for one of the largest distributors in the country, he noticed a lot of his close dds buddies he knew growing up in dentistry having a challenging time to find work. So he took it upon himself to start a boutique style agency which blossomed into supporting over 200 practices and treat days nationally.

To view more about our company history please browse our About Us section on our website.

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