42 North Dental

42 North Dental

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

Company Information

42 North Dental, a leading dental support organization in New England supporting over two dozen practice brands in over 80 locations. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to quality patient care by providing business and administrative support to dental practices. We present opportunities that help doctors and their teams professionally advance while growing the business to its fullest potential.

We are a partner that offers dental providers clinical autonomy and equity ownership, as well as non-clinical solutions and the business support needed to increase the value of your practice.

Company History

42 North Dental was founded by dentists with the idea that better patient care is achieved by allowing dentists to fully focus on dentistry rather than the administrative burdens of running a practice. 42 North Dental has a 40+ year history in the dental industry under the name Gentle Dental Partners. The idea was simple; doctors who spend more time chair-side treating patients and less time on business and administrative tasks are happier, more successful, and able to produce better outcomes for patients. Forty years ago this idea was revolutionary. Today 42 North Dental carries on those fundamental principles by providing business and administrative support to over 80 practices, representing more than 30 practice brands from Maine to New York with more being added every month.