Proxi Dental Staffing

Proxi Dental Staffing

Proxi Dental Staffing

Most healthcare staffing firms try to be everything to everyone, and dentistry is typically an afterthought behind medical and surgery specialties. At Proxi, you can rest easy knowing that you are our one and only priority!  
Plano, Texas, United States Plano, Texas, United States

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At Proxi, we have one focus: Dental Practitioners.

Our mission is to become the #1 trusted source for dentists seeking work, and for dental offices seeking a top-notch practitioner. Every aspect of our business model is designed with the singular purpose of providing a “Dental First” experience to a segment of the healthcare staffing industry accustomed to taking the back seat. At every turn, we want you to see that there truly is a better way to match great dentists with every practice opportunity.

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Proxi is owned and operated by three healthcare staffing veterans with over 40 years of combined industry experience in various front office, back office, and leadership roles. We provide a boutique firm experience to our customers, while operating with a depth of industry knowledge unmatched by even our largest competitors. Providing a delightful experience for our customers is our passion, and we cannot wait to help you.