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Holistic Dentistry – Is It Right For You?

Holistic dentistry is often referred to as “Unconventional dentistry practices” or “Biological dentistry.” However, that is not entirely the case. Most of the practices, teachings and beliefs of holistic dentistry are derived from the practice of Weston A. Price, DDS. He believed that sugar was not only responsible for tooth decay, but moral, social, mental and physical decay of an individual as well.

While Weston’s practices are often disregarded by the general dentist community, he did make a tidal impact, and modern holistic dentistry was indirectly founded on his principles. Holistic dentistry takes into account the medical, physical, mental and moral state of the patient. Holistic dentists believe that tooth-related diseases are connected to the overall well-being of their patients.

How Did Holistic Dentistry Come About?

Back in the day, Amalgam was used for fillings. Amalgam constituted of more than 50% mercury and other harmful heavy metal elements. As we all know today, mercury can lead to severe poisoning, nervous system meltdown, and other diseases.

According to a poll conducted in 2006 by Zogby International, more than 72% of the people surveyed did not know that their fillings contained high amounts of dangerous chemicals. Many people are still unaware of the chemicals used in their dental procedures.

The chemicals used in gum cleansing can deeply infect the bloodstream and cause various harmful diseases to patients. Most holistic dentists used natural anti-bacterial gum cleansing chemicals during these procedures.

Back in 1978, when people were infected by the harmful chemicals used in dental procedures, a group of like-minded dentists came together and formed the Holistic Dental Association.

This association focused deeply upon the nature of dental procedures and the chemicals used in such procedures. Holistic dentists operate by the beliefs of the biological connection between dentistry and other medical fields.

The mission of the Holistic Dental Association is to educate people and dentists about the elemental factors in the traditional dentistry industry. They educate the public about the benefits of using natural agents and anti-bacterial chemicals in surgical procedures.

What Is The Connection Between Dental Health And Overall Health?

Oral well being is essential for the overall well being of any individual. The oral cavity is the beginning stage and entry for some of the most harmful microbial contamination to enter the circulation system. Oral well being might be a hazard factor for, show the nearness of, or fuel the impacts of infections, such as diabetes, coronary illness, and stroke. The human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) may initially show manifestations in the mouth. Individuals with periodontal illness have more trouble controlling their glucose. What’s more, 95% of Americans with diabetes have some form of gum infection.

This is why Holistic Dentists pay more attention to the over all health of their patients. They believe that oral health can directly influence all of the other aspects of an individual’s well being, and they tend to take everything into account before formulating a treatment plan for patients.

What Makes Holistic Dentistry Different Than The Traditional One?

Holistic dental specialists won’t utilize amalgam, nickel, or different metals to fill cavities. Rather, they will utilize composite resin, a training that has additionally turned out to be regular among dental practitioners who don’t portray themselves as holistic. They may urge patients to give them a chance to expel existing amalgam fillings and supplant them with more beneficial materials.

Numerous holistic dental specialists are against performing root canals. They trust that the utilization of synthetic compounds in cleaning operators, notwithstanding microscopic organisms getting to be caught in the trench because of the methodology, can cause long-term health issues.

The utilization of computerized X-ray gear, which opens the patient to considerably less radiation, is additionally part of holistic dentistry. Some customary dental specialists are utilizing this kind of hardware to limit radiation exposure.

Why Should You Opt For Holistic Dentistry Practices?

The traditional form of dentistry poses many threats to the overall health of patients. The introduction of harmful chemicals in the body can harm patients in the long run.

Dental amalgam fillings are the essential exposure of mercury presentation, which can remain in the body for up to a year. Mercury can also cause severe untreatable nervous system damage to the host.

Notwithstanding the introduction of mercury and microorganisms into the body, there are natural concerns. Inappropriate transfer of dental waste can cause the release of substantial metals into water sources, representing a risk to untamed life and influencing the evolved way of life.

All of this is reason enough to switch to a more natural form of dental practices, such as holistic practices. They are natural, harmless and eco-friendly.

Holistic Dentistry – Is It Right For You?
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