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Block bone graft for dental implant


3D video of Clinica Pardiñas (http://j.mp/cPardinas) about block bone graft, a procedure to allow a correct dental implant placement. After a dental extraction, if the alveolus is not preserved or an implant is not placed immediately, the dental bone will be remodeled little by little, compromising in the future the placement of an implant in a correct way. To treat this problem there are different options, one of which is the realization of a block bone grafting procedure. To do this, small perforations are mode in the bone that will allow a correct vascularization of the graft.

Subsequently, the bone block that can be obtained from the patient himself or be of non-autogenous origin will be fixed in the area. Then, the remaining spaces are filled with particulate biomaterial and the area is covered with a membrane. In order to replace the tooth, temporarily while the graft matures, it is possible to perform a temporary removable denture making sure that it does not press the grafted area. After 4-6 months the bone will have been remodeled and the dental implant placement will be possible. Once the implant is placed, it can be restored immediately if possible, and if not, it’s necessary to allow the implant to integrate correctly into the bone before the crown can be placed on it. Another option to correct this bone defect is to place a biomaterial in a particulate form instead of a block. The procedure will be similar to that followed for a block bone graft


Block bone graft for dental implant
Joe Sepulveda